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In 1954, together with the introduction of the license production of tanks in the Turčianske engineering works in Martin, a research centre was created whose mission it was to replace some of the components and materials from domestic production and to respond to customer and repair shops needs and services. Following the delimitation of the production of diesel railway locomotives from Skoda Plzen in 1958, the development also diversified into this field and in 1964, a separate plant (010) of VYVOJ was build. There a new, department for mobile cranes development was opened and introduced into production of the first AV-15 8-wheel platform mobile crane. Besides the projects of combat engineer versions of the produced T-72 tank (the bridging tank MT-72 and the tank recovery vehicle VT-72), the development team at VÝVOJ also developed new special - purpose vehicles BMP, OTP and TATRAPAN. In 1974, the research team moved into new premises within an 8-storey building housing design offices and production halls for the production and testing of prototypes on Komenského Street in Martin, the number of employees rose to 526. After the purchase of French license for Pielstcik engine production, Italian license for the manufacture of Lombardini engines and the delimitation of the production of UR IV line agricultural tractors by Zetor Brno, separate engine and gearing development departments were formed. The department of ground machinery, which was established after the purchase of a French license for excavators from Porclain, VYVOJ, acquired new experience and innovative capabilities for its own projects in the field of civil production and in 1987 new separate departments for the products of forest machinery, minige locomotives and experimental testing laboratories appeared. Together with the affiliated workplaces at universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice, Bratislava, Nitra, Zvolen and international design offices for agricultural and logging tractors, the then ZŤS VVÚ Martin grew to have 912 employees. In 1981, the ZŤS VVÚ Martin obtained legal personality status and became a leader the scientific the Heavy Engineering Trust (VHJ ZTS). By 1982, the company acquired the first 10 2D CAD graphic stations, which was beginning of the end to the classic engineer´s designing boards at draughtsmen´s and designer´s offices. In 1992, ZŤS VVÚ Martin being a strategic company was incorporated into DMD holding, and it can be said the company was thrown into the market environment. After the demise of the manufacture of the special machinery, engines, agricultural tractors, ground machinery and construction machines and forestry equipment in Martin, Dubnica and Detva and mining locomotives in Hlinik nad Hronom, also the development the capacity of the company soon reduced. In 1998, based on the foundations of ZŤS VVÚ Martin a new joint-stock company of VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. was established - majority of the employees of the former company started to work in the new company. In 2004, VÝVOJ Martin, a.s. was privatised by SITNO Holding a.s. and restructured. In 2005, the company switched all of its graphic stations to 3D CAD, the company´s management system was revamped and got certified according to the internationally valid management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH SAS 18001 and AQAP 2010. In addition to the product field of road and motorway maintenance machinery, a programme of developing and manufacturing industrial positioners, armoured shipping containers and defence equipment in the form of the TATRAPAN and RG32 vehicles versions and a new eight wheeled vehicle platform. As of 2016, the company VYVOJ Martin, a.s. employs more than 130 workers. In addition to the domestic market, our customers include companies from the USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Egypt, India and other countries that are seeking innovative capacities.

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